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St Marys Church ghost

Frank Mitchell (1974) repeated tales of the supernatural concerning St Mary’s Church in his series of articles for the Thame Gazette.

The Bird Cage, Thame

The Bird Cage is one of the most famous buildings in Thame. It apparently got its name because it used to be a prison

The Green Man

Most people are sceptical if any starts to tell a ghost story. And they would be even mores sceptical if a journalist claimed to have seen a ghost! But Michele Brailsford of The Thame & Chinnor Star stands by her story.

The ghost of Noble Edden

The grave of Noble Edden

William Noble Edden was murdered by some person or persons unknown as he walked home from market one night in 1828

Whiteleaf Cross

The gigantic Whiteleaf Cross stands on the edge of the Chilterns silently watching all that goes on in the Vale below.

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