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A near death experience – 1745

When Mrs Williams sat up and spoke, it was to the astonishment of everyone. For Mrs Williams had just literally come back from the dead.

The man who came back from the dead – 1892

This headline heralded one of the strangest stories we ever came across in our researches. We can do no better than to quote theĀ Thame GazetteĀ of April 19, 1892:

The Ghosts of the Thame to London coach

Vera Jacklin of Rooks Lane, Thame, heard the ghost of two horses pulling a cart as she and a friend stood by Stribble Hills, Priest End, Thame

Ghosts of Long Crendon

In the village of Long Crendon there are reports of a ghostly horse rider who can still be heard galloping through the village.

A lady in red

In 1974 a Mr Geoffrey Simons from Wendover saw a woman dressed in red in a field along the Thame to Princes Risborough road.

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