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Many villages in The Chilterns were famous for their cherries. Cherry picking was a great village event and it culminated with a Cherry Pie Fair (usually in August)

Friend of a Friend stories

Drug pushers are giving school children tattoos soaked in LSD. The children innocently put the tattoos on their skin and the drug

Thame Town Crier

Thame had a town crier until at least 1918. Brown and Guest record that Richard Bouler was town crier in 1866, Joseph the grandson of the Earl of Abingdon was then crier until 1880

Thame Mummers Play

I am King Alfred, and this here is my Bride,
I’ve a crown on my pate and a sword by my side.
Stands apart.

Going To School

The girls turn the rope, slowly at first, repeating the mysterious phrase: Pepper, salt, mustard, cider, vinegar.

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