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High Wycombe’s holy wells

Local interest was stimulated by a mention in the Wycombe & South Bucks Star newspaper by Alan Cleaver

The Round Basin

E J Payne, writing in the 19th century, in his Building of Wycombe Church etc” says: “I have no doubt that the powerful spring which rises at the east end of the Rye

St Mary’s Well

Another Star correspondent, writing in the issue of 27th January 1984, opined: “As far as I know this (the holy well) was a shrine to the Virgin Mary,

Priory Wells

There seem to have been two ancient wells found in the vicinity of The Priory the building on the corner of Castle Street and Priory Road.

Bowden Lane Springs

Two springs are clearly visible in the pond, now divided by a railway bridge, at the bottom of Bowden Lane.

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