Sheahan writes in The History and Topography of Bucks: “At Chinkwell Wood, about half a mile from Brill, is a spring of fine water which formerly issued from the breasts of a female figure in stone (a portion of which is remaining) and hence is called Old Woman’s Spring.” He also writes that “In a field on the south side of the church, called Well Close, is a spring of excellent water.”

Sheahan also makes mention of Ludd’s Well in this parish; this spring still flows from the hillside to the south of Brill.

Browne Willis writing in 1730 (History and Antiquities of the town, hundred and deanery of Buckingham, pub 1755) says “Tradition says that here was a market, and that it was an old Roman city and that King Lud was killed in this parish on a spot called Lud’s Land and here was his seat and that he only had one hall at Ludgershall. They say other Kings lived in the Pallace at Brill.”

The Old Woman’s Spring can still be found although there is no stone work there any more. Ludd’s Well spring also seems to exist but is lost in a marshy area.