There seem to have been two ancient wells found in the vicinity of The Priory, the building on the corner of Castle Street and Priory Road.

The building used to be called Wellysbourne House, but this name apparently came from the Wellysbourne Family whose residence it once was. Parker relates how “…in the garden in front of the house in All Hallows Lane (now called Castle Street), on the west was discovered a Roman well.”

This well would now be under the pavement in front of The Compleat Cookshop. In a letter to the Wycombe and South Bucks Star dated 3rd February, 1984, a correspondent describes another well: “I think the holy well was in the centre of High Wycombe and not on Holywell Mead as you infer…the well, I think could have been called Holy, was in the old Priory in Priory Road.

In 1968 to 1971, I was working at the top of Thame House office block of the Miles Druce company when the Priory Road shopping area was being developed. Halfway up Priory Road on the right hand side was prefabricated building used, I think by Charrington Fuels. This was being demolished and the ground cleared when there was a great disturbance and a bulldozer or dumper truck almost went into a mammoth well unearthed in the old Priory Grounds…within a short time, less than a week, it had been buried again without trace and now lies under the floor of one of the Priory Road shops.”