There is a surprising amount of evidence for modern witchcraft in the area.

Much of it seems to centre around the neighbourhood of Wendover. For example in February 1985, The Bucks Herald reported evidence of rituals being carried out in a disused railway shed. A decapitated chicken was found along with a drawing of a magic circle and pentacle on the floor of the building.

Further, a man who saw candle lights in the shed late one night peeped through a broken door to see five or six figures chanting mystical evocations.

The previous year a newly born calf had been stolen form his barn. The theft, occurring near midsummer’s even, was blamed by the farmer on devil worshippers.

Tony Harman, an author and expert on farming matters, told the Bucks Herald: “There is no other logical explanation for this theft. I’ve never known anything like this in all my 52 years of farming it’s something you just don’t think about.”

I was told by a candlemaker at Wendover that he was commissioned to make black candles for some witches who lived nearby. They never told him their name or a contact address but simply called at his home and said they would return a week later for the candles.

There may also be witches operating in the Cuddington area. Shortly after a spring was rediscovered by Strange Folklore Society it was desecrated in a most horrible manner. Sheep’s carcases were found hung on poles by the well and burnt out wax candles also stood by it.

It may have been the mindless action of youths in the area but the use of carcases and the knowledge of the well suggests someone with more occult knowledge.

In the autumn of 1992 we found some evidence of occult activity at Dinton Folly (pictured). It was a few days after Halloween and on calling at the folly we saw six or seven places where large candles had burnt, obviously for many hours judging by the wax trailing down over the walls.

Dinton Folly is on the St Mary line which some believe to carry a mysterious power.