In the village of Long Crendon there are reports of a ghostly horse rider who can still be heard galloping through the village.

Historian Joyce Donald who has written a Short History of Long Crendon in two parts states that “There are reported to be so many ghosts in Long Crendon that it is difficult to know where to start”

There is the poltergeist that used to haunt The Court House in 1901, a lady who walked up and down the path on the north side of the house (now exorcised and kept in a salt box in the chimney of the house). It is believed that salt ‘grounds’ spirits and that the chimney is the doorway by which they would normally enter this world from the spirit world ) hence Cinderella would sit by the cinders of the fireplace waiting for the spirit of her mother. The ghosts of Grove Farm include a woman called Isabella who sighed at the top of the stairs and a man in hob nail boots who was heard wandering round looking for buried treasure. Another Long Crendon ghost is the woman in grey who haunts the church.