Vera Jacklin of Rooks Lane, Thame, heard the ghost of two horses pulling a cart as she and a friend stood by Stribble Hills, Priest End, Thame, one night in 1950. Vera said: “There were no stars and no moon, it was just a velvety sky. I turned to Jane and said I could hear a horse. She said it must be in the field but then we realised if it was we wouldn’t be able to hear its hooves. I then said I was sure there must be more than one. They were coming down the Oxford Road.” Vera also thought she could hear a cart being pulled along. Vera and Jane ran home and Vera’s father suggested it was the ghost of the old Thame to London coach she could hear on what was once the cobbled Oxford Road.

Vera described how she got rid of one ghost from her house in Wellington Street. She and her husband had witnessed the figure on a couple of occasions but it was usually busy moving objects around the house while you weren’t looking. Vera described how she would be polishing and put the tin down for a minute only for it to vanish. It would later be found upstairs with the lid on. Talcum powder and other objects would similarly move mysteriously about. On one occasion her mother-in-law came to stay and during the night her bed rose up from the floor and was dropped down again. Eventually Vera had enough of this ghost – thought to be the woman who previously lived there – and sat down one night with just the glow from the fire and told her to go. It did the trick.